Enter the Realm of RUYI…

Where creation pays homage to the wisdom of the ancients.

Where design embraces aesthetics and functionality.

Where artfully curated prestige collections will forever be treasured.

Born through the fires of the kiln with inspiration drawn from the ancient elements and philosophies of prehistoric China, RUYI personifies a timeless meeting place, an elegant showcase of ancient culture interpreted with a modern sensibility.

Thoughtfully designed, handcrafted and curated, our prestigious porcelain collections feature tableware, teaware, objets d’art and more to reflect distinct Chinese philosophies and characteristics, presented and reinterpreted for the 21st century.


We pay tribute to the ancient adage, “the only thing that is constant is change”. Our creative inspiration – the Tao of the cosmos, where the greatest form is without shape. Here, the focus is on the Yin and Yang binary play, encapsulating Fluidity, Free Form and Floating Energy.


In homage to Tea, China’s exceptional gift to the world, AROMA features a myriad of tea ware, carefully and artfully curated for the food and beverage industry. Following years of research and working alongside internationally renowned Tea Master Maître Yu Hui TSENG of famed Maison des Trois Thés, Paris, here, the full accoutrement for Oriental tea rituals are presented as the ultimate art of tea appreciation and pairing with cuisine.

Foo Lions

Symbols of power, our brand guardians promise to protect all, just as our international team headquartered in Asia, aims to ensure our clients’ needs are always surpassed.