An eminent brand, our collections are lauded by the most discerning luminaries and personalities the world over. From architects, dancers and performance artists, historians and sociologists, through to tea masters and chefs – all who revere Oriental wisdom and heritage, and, seek to bridge the past and the present, in full embrace of multi-sensorial experiences.

AROMA teaware, designed by Desmond Chang.

Internationally renowned Tea Master Maître Yu Hui Tseng:
“I have always been on a quest to achieve the perfect infusion, where teapots and tea cups are of foremost importance. Teapots’ role is to bring the infusion to the highest level, while tea cups are there to show this perfection to our senses. Since each tea has its own characteristics, this quest is at once universal and specific. Wulong tea will not brew the same way as black tea or green tea.

In collaboration with RUYI – which is involved in a similar quest for perfection – we have spent three years working on design and performing trials.

For the first time, the total of this research and of this knowledge allowed us to create highly-technical tools catering to professional’ and to the high-gastronomy sector’s needs. Aroma, composed of Expert teapots and Perfection tea cups, enable us to interpret the wide range of existing teas and perfectly meets high-end establishments’ food service requirements.”